Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Live Blogging from AAO 2009!

Or, We've Been So Busy We Haven't Had Time for Blogging!
Or, The Bottom Line Is: Everybody Loves EMR!

Dear Poor, Neglected, Though Ever-Constant, Blog Readers,

So much to say, so little time, as I write this now while sitting at booth 2964 at AAO 2009. That's right, live blogging! (Although, admittedly, because of limited internet access, I won't be able to publish this post until I go upstairs... But let's pretend it's totally live.)

Live blogging -- which is to say, the instantaneous transmission of information -- is perhaps emblematic of what we at IO Practiceware perceive to be a new era of doctors and their staff embracing technology! Which is to say: it looks like the ophthalmology community is finally (dare I say it?) embracing EMR!!!

Quite the revelation, I know. And, sure, maybe it's slightly premature. But I'm going to roll with it. It's like when you really, really, really like a boy and right after he kisses you you blurt out that you want to marry him and have his babies, only to find that it was way too premature, and way too effusive, and, uh, on second thought, he doesn't really feel the same way, and, uh, let's be friends.

But let's put aside my relationship issues. Let's instead talk more about this new climate of EMR warm and fuzzies. That's right: warm and fuzzies. We at IO Practiceware have been so pleased by the positive feedback we've been getting from the health care community, and especially those of you who have been following our product for a while, and especially especially those of you who have decided to take the plunge and implement our software.

Indeed, we have always suspected that the slow-turning gears of EMR acceptance would finally come full circle, but it's quite amazing to encounter affirmative feedback firsthand.

Why is this the case, you ask? Good question. We suspect that, most generally, EMR has become less scary. More specifically, with the newly-released CCHIT guidelines, the whole concept of certification has become more or less demystified (...much more on this topic in the next post...). What's more-- the practice landscape is now replete with success stories. EMR is no longer associated with failure, no longer the harbinger of doom. Instead, it is the gateway to the future! It is truth! It is beauty! It is freedom!

Bohemian maxims aside, AAO 2009 has been awesome. Thank you to all the folks (current customers included!) who have helped keep our spirits high. And, to those of you who want to join the party, be sure to check out our company website. Click here to contact us. We would be happy to set up a demonstration for you.

More to come soon!

It's good to be back.