Friday, February 5, 2010

CCHIT Update: What is "Meaningful Use" and "How Useful is CCHIT certification"?

So, we've been getting a lot of questions regarding CCHIT and our role in helping our clients when it comes to qualifying for and receiving the incentive payments.

The answer is "Yes", we will be applying for certification on February 12th (the day the window opens) for certification under the ARRA rules issued on December 30, 2009. CCHIT has said that that is the first day they will be accepting applications. We do not know how fast they will process them. However, we expect to be certified in the next 6 months. Any previous certifications are no longer valid, as far as, the incentive plan is concerned. So, every vendor has to get this certification.
We will also help our clients in anyway we can. Although, it is not entirely clear how much help you'll need. Take a look at the articles below. They answer, in great detail, what meaningful use will mean for doctors and address the issue of CCHIT certification as a useful tool for choosing the right EMR.

Updates on Meaningful Use

Should CCHIT Influence Your EMR Selection

Hope you find these resources helpful!

- KH