Thursday, November 27, 2008

Act II: "E-M-Are You Serious?"

(a continuation of Nov. 25's post "Is EMR really that scary?")

Doctor: So, IO-- while I like what I'm hearing, I'm skeptical.  The sad fact is, doctors have been using paper charts since the beginning of time--

IO: --well, since the beginning of doctors, and paper...

Doctor: -- right -- and, you have to understand, I've heard horror stories from friends who invested in an EMR system that not only slowed them down and failed to increase revenue, but actually made them lose money.  How do I know IO Practiceware won't do that?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is EMR really that scary?

No need to be scared. Breathe. Three little words: "Electronic Medical Records." That wasn't so bad, was it? We know -- you're scared of EMR. And who could blame you? Humans have always been scared of the unknown. I, myself, refused to try spinach until I was in college (dining halls have the uncanny ability to oblige culinary exploration).

We're guessing that if you aren't already using EMR, the idea of ditching your paper records seems about as appealing to you as regrouting your bathroom or going on a date with this guy.

And we feel your pain. To you, EMR is unknown. And the unknown can be scary.

That's why the team at IO Practiceware is here to assuage your fears. We proudly present:

"Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About EMR*
*But Were Afraid To Ask"

(A Three Act Play)

Act I - "The Stubborn Ophthalmologist"

IO: I suspect from your cherry red complexion and the fact that your fists are clenched that you're frustrated.

Doctor: Hmmmph.

IO: You're worried that the government is going to force you into buying EMR?

Doctor: Hmmmph.

IO: You're frustrated that your three year-old daughter can use the internet faster than you can?

Doctor: ...I'm just...not good with computers. I'm afraid EMR will slow me down in the exam room! How will I keep my practice on schedule and on task?

IO: Look, Doc, here's the thing: IO Practiceware designed its EMR with ophthalmologists like you in mind. Our touch-screen interface requires no fancy typing, no complex commands or codes. Not only is the touch pad easy to use, but it's way faster than writing, typing, or using a mouse.

Doctor: But won't it take me forever to learn how to use it?

IO: Au contraire, mon ami! Our staff works with you on-site for two weeks to teach you everything there is to know about using our EMR. Think of it as a kind of EMR boot camp, except you don't have to shave your head.

Doctor: Okay, okay. I'm intrigued. Can you tell me more?

(Stay tuned for Act II - "E-M-Are You Serious?")

What is IO Practiceware?

As software designed exclusively for ophthalmologists, IO revolutionizes the way your practice works. With a unique touch-screen interface, accurate auto-coding, electronic medical records, image and practice management systems, a two-week on-site training program, and 24/7 personal care from our staff, it’s no wonder our product has 100% success.

At a Glance: EMR Background Info

"Why is everyone so obsessed with EMR?!" you shout at your computer screen.  "I take pride in my doctorly chicken scratch!" You hurl your microwaveable lunch at a potted plant and start convulsing.   Then stillness, before you whisper:

"What is the meaning of life?"

Indeed, it's understandable if thoughts of EMR induce inexplicable bouts of existentialism -- days where you wake up wondering why, oh WHY you must burden yourself with thoughts of electronics and software and other such technical nonsense.  Why, oh WHY!

There's no quick fix for these symptoms.  But, for starters, take a peek at this article, which will give you a basic overview of ophthalmology EMRs, their checkered past, their illustrious future.

Hugs and kisses,