Wednesday, October 1, 2008

IO Practiceware Goes Paperless in 2009

In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, IO Practiceware has reinvigorated its commitment to cutting costs and creating an eco-friendly business model by eliminating its use of paper. Mailings, invoices, release memos, and other important informational will be conveyed electronically over email.

While worldwide paper consumption was on the rise throughout the 1980s and ‘90s, in recent years there has been a net decrease of 9 percent in developed countries. The paperless model now pervades a variety of businesses and continues to find new applications – from online banking to electronic boarding passes to (of course) electronic medical records.

A paperless business – like a paperless ophthalmology practice – improves workflow by eradicating wasteful habits, like the unnecessary printing out of correspondences, memos, faxes and other miscellany that cost money, time and efficiency. We at IO Practiceware believe that operating entirely electronically reflects and typifies the goal of our electronic medical records and practice management software, which is to streamline and optimize your practice’s functionality, creating tremendous value that will increase greatly over time.

IO is in the process of collecting official email addresses from its current customers. (If you are a customer who has not yet replied to our e-memo, please be sure to forward or confirm your official email address(es) to

IO will continue its efforts to create a cost-effective and green workplace and will keep you abreast of its ongoing developments. We look forward to reporting back on how this change benefits us – and you – in 2009.

(For more on the benefits of our paperless EMR and PMS software, click here.)

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