Monday, January 19, 2009

Touch Pad Technology, or, Our Superiority Complex

Let's be honest: at IO Practiceware, we think we're pretty awesome. Why?

Three words: Touch Screen Interface.

"Touch Screen" = self-explanatory. "Interface" = our software's ability to communicate between chart displays and information tables, creating a system of truly integrated data entry, retrieval, revision and review.

But what make's IO Practiceware's Touch Screen Interface better than other companies'? Why the self-described "superiority complex?"

Well, apart from the fact that all our employees are ridiculously and inexplicably attractive, our software was designed as touch screen software -- which is to say, to support touch screen data entry. Other companies that "use" touch screens usually do not offer software that is properly designed for this form of input. Which means that it doesn't make much of a difference whether or not you use your finger, a mouse, a pencil, a herring bone - it's all just as slow (even slower!) than paper charts.

So how does IO Practiceware remain a shining beacon of truth and beauty?

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