Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Enough EMR to Go Around?

Did you not have your dose of Cold Hard Truth this morning? Well, here's a pill or two:

There is an impending capacity overload for EMR vendors. IO Practiceware and, from what we've heard, our competitors have been working around the clock to accomodate the ever-growing surge of interest from practices planning to adopt EMR systems.

And while we will continue to provide the best possible service for every practice that's been queued up for a 2009 implementation, there's no freaking way we'll be able to support this level of interest if it grows at a more steeply exponential rate. Which means we'll have to cap off the volume of our customer base, and increase in the number of implementations per quarter at a much more steady, deliberate, and slow-moving pace. Which means some potential customers will, sadly, lose out.

The EMR industry as a whole -- and IO Practiceware in particular -- is having difficulty imagining how the EMR industry can satisfy the coming demands. Delivery times are lengthening, not only for IO, but for others in the industry. And the unfortunate reality for buyers is that practices that persist in twiddling their thumbs will ultimately lose out. Because, quite frankly, there won't be enough EMR to go around!

Think Christmas, Tickle-Me-Elmo, Ferbie. Same idea. Except, like, way, way more important.

If you're a prospective buyer, identify what's holding you back, and then demand that your questions be answered. IO Practiceware understands the Buyer's Dilemma with respect to CCHIT, but we've made our response pretty clear. (Article here.)

So: no pressure. Actually-- yeah, pressure.

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