Monday, December 22, 2008

PQRI from A to Z: An Ophthalmologist's Guide

In 2009 the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (more affectionately known as PQRI) will increase their number of measures to 153 (also the total number of touchdowns NFL quarterback Roger Staubach threw during his career... coincidence?!) and we suspect you'd like to know what this will mean for your ophthalmology practice.

Where to start? You've probably consulted the harrowingly long-winded CMS website and found numerous PDFs that describe each measure and the accompanying procedure for reporting.

But because weeding through this information is about as pleasant as getting a root canal in the Lincoln Tunnel while driving at rush hour wearing a hair suit and talking on the phone with your mother-in-law, IO Practiceware has done the dirty work for you (because we like pain!) and compiled a summary of all PQRI info that relates to ophthalmology and your practice.

To view the summary, click here or the above link.

Need more? See also our articles on Auto-Coding and E-Prescribing.

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  1. have been looking for this info elsewhere. thanks for the resource

  2. can u write something about this with respect to e-prescribing

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