Friday, December 19, 2008

Help Us Revise Our Website

IO Practiceware's Company Website is undergoing a number of changes.  

We're trying to determine how exhaustively one can (or should) represent an EMR or PMS system via the World Wide Web.  We're like moody adolescents: we go back and forth between wanting to tell you everything and wanting to be as concise as possible, and wanting you to mind your own business, Mom! and then wanting to paint our nails and talk on the phone and go to the prom and [insert adolescent cliché].

Because, seriously -- trying to get you to like our multi-faceted and expansive EMR and PMS system just by looking at our website is like trying to get you to marry this guy named Neville based on his Facebook profile.

We'd like your input!  You there.  Yes, you.  We're wondering:

What information is most crucial to you when you're looking online for an EMR or practice management system?  What purpose should that company's website serve for you -- should it be a preliminary introduction, a "preview" of the software, or a comprehensive representation of the software?

Leave us a comment, send us an email, or give us a call (212) 844-0105.

Yours in Truth,

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  1. Here are my 2 cents. When I look online for EMRs most products seem so similar it is really hard to decide what makes a certain EMR or practice management really worthwhile or unique. Wihle I like to know that a system has the list of essential features, common to most systems, I like to know within a few moments what about this EMR is different from the rest. Then I go in and look at the details. It's also important for a company to seem like they have had success in the past and that that success will continue in the future.