Thursday, April 2, 2009

News Article: A Patient's Perspective

Take a look at this recent article from The Huffington Post about electronic medical record use -- written from a patient's perspective.

Author Elizabeth Rigley says she's mostly impressed with her doctor's system (she doesn't name the vendor), but also has some concerns. Among them:
  • "The patient does a lot of the typing" [during check-in]
  • "Sick patients typing on the same keyboard = germs"
  • "I hadn't considered that it can take a really long time for a doctor, who rarely typed before as a part of this job, to type in the facts you are telling him. For someone who types quickly, this can be a little excruciating to witness."
Do you see a trend? Using a keyboard for information input is, in a word, problematic.

But this is hardly an unavoidable consequence of EMR. On the contrary, IO Practiceware can actually help you gain speed in the exam room. How?

Two words: Touch Screen!

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  1. Dr. Tristan StrongApril 3, 2009 at 5:05 PM

    Germs are a huge problem. People catch all manner of pesky things from sharing keyboards. Touch screens are clearly the solution. I worry the technology on this may still need training wheels though. If it fails, it could send the whole EMR movement spinning. Thoughts?

  2. Sometimes purell can really help in these situations. But other times it can't. It is a mystery.

    From the Desk of Dr. Ray Allen