Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Three Weeks, Three Links

Dear Faithful Blog Reader,

I have been neglecting you for the past three weeks, and for this I am deeply sorry. As an act of contrition, I offer you one EMR-related link for each week of my remission:

1) You've probably heard this one already, but in case you haven't: Obama promised to create an interconnected EMR system for veterans. Hooray! Read more...

2) Only 1 in 4 doctors knows about the $44,000 (per doc) incentive payment awarded to those practices that adopt electronic medical records. If you're the 1 in 4 who's still in the dark, read this.

3) Is there a future for Mac in electronic health record development? Read this post from the Software Advice blog, which describes the potential success of a not-yet-developed-but-so-called "iTablet" -- a portable, touchscreen-based device (hmm...sound familiar?) that could have widespread applicability in Health Care IT. [Oh, look! My own horn; let me toot it: in espousing the benefits and usability of the hypothetical iTablet's touchscreen, Software Advice's article more or less reiterates my own arguments in favor of IO Practiceware's touchscreen-based system. Booyah!]

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